Bournemouth Airport introduces £2.50 “Drop-off Charge”

Taxi firms are furious and say they will have to pass on a new £2.50 drop-off and pick-up charge at Bournemouth Airport to their customers.

At present, vehicles can park for free at the airport for up to 10 minutes before a £2.50 charge is applied for a stay of between 10 and 30 minutes.

But from 14 April all vehicles will be charged £2.50 for up to 30 minutes.

The airport has confirmed taxis would have to pay per visit as would friends and family for dropping off travellers at the terminal.

Rob Goldsmith, managing director of the airport, said most passengers left their cars at the airport while they were away, paying on-site parking charges “among the cheapest in southern England”.

He added: “However, we know that some people will be disappointed by this change and hope they will understand that this is a commercial decision brought about by the worldwide recession and the subsequent downturn in the aviation industry.”

A number of other airports across the UK have introduced a drop-off charge, including Edinburgh, Newcastle and East Midlands Airport.

Taxi drivers and airport customers have commented that they expect gridlock as people try to make drop-offs without entering the car parks.

One traveller at the terminal today expressed his concerns. “Another nail in the Bournemouth Airport coffin. Management should be trying to make the airport more attractive, not less. Very frustrating”

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